I have a new word for the language…
scylliocterplex (skil – lee – OK – ter – plecks): A variable quantity of items (particularly small fruits or vegetable), defined as the number of said items required to completely fill a container past the brim with all evidence of stability, but which will awkwardly overflow and drop should any effort to move the container be made.

Baywatch Chemistry

Hasselhofnium (artist's rendering)

An artist’s rendering of the new element, Hasselhofnium (Hhf)

Extry, extry! Read all about it!

Scientists have discovered a new element, Hasselhofnium; this new atomic structure opens an entirely new area of atomic potential.

One important aspect of this new material is its dramatic demonstration of the uncertainty principle: while a large atom in common molecules, its outmost electron shell sucks in its gut upon direct examination, making it appear more svelte. Researchers believe this may explain ‘dark matter’, pointing to a tendency of matter even at the smallest scale to attempt to look skinnier than it actually is.

Additional investigation is needed to discover whether the new element has, in fact, gone unnoticed due to the fact that it seems to lose its relevance to its containing molecules over time, losing influence and eventually simply taking up space.

Hasselhofnium has escaped notice until now, due partially to its tendency to appear near the more attention-grabbing silicon, particularly where collected in large, bouncy amounts.

No definite connection has been made regarding its presence and cheeseburgers.

Self Indulgence

I just…

I’ve been directly integral (not necessarily responsible) for a couple marriages, and I believe necessarily responsible for at least one other.

The closest to relationship support I’ve had was when I had to slap a friend down from hitting on the person I was trying to talk to.

I just…

Why don’t I deserve help? I admit I suck at this. I’ve invited help. At best, I get into situations where I can’t go out with the person overtly flirting with me because they’re loyal to their shitstack of a boyfriend. That’s not hyperbole.

I don’t mind being used, I’m just…

I just…

If I’m okay with it, why do I feel so horrible at night? Why do I wake up crying in the morning, not because in the dream I was loved, but because when I wake up I only remember the calm of care – but not what it was that made things better, that missing connection that would tell me how to find peace?

As a horrible extension: why is my brain hiding from me that crucial bit of information? I know that happiness is a complex recipe – but I’ve had enough dreams where I woke up with that recipe hidden, but the result still fresh in my mind. My subconscious knows how to find joy in my fellow man – but it’s hiding the idea.



A passing thought, from someone whose family has been riddled with cancer.

Cancer, growth, unstoppable… What if there is no cure for cancer, because cancer is the over enthusiastic avatar of humanity, once all other disease is removed – the desire to live as hard as possible, but localized? What if there is only mitigation, in the way that OCD is mitigated? Prevention of the cellular society being overwhelmed by a particular outlook?

If my educational roots were medical, I’d make a note to investigate tomorrow. As it is, if twenty years from now there’s a Nobel Prize to someone for discovering the way to combat cancer, not as a disease, but over enthusiastic cellular vitality… Called it!

Arbitrary Necklines

Here’s a question which is not supposed to be quippy, in which I will not hold any respondents to under oath:
where do you draw the line between the rights involved in gay marriage, and the rights claimed by men who want to work at Hooters?

If I had to try and describe the overarching topic, my best effort would be another question: is there a well defined point at which basic human equality transforms into situational absurdity? A point where, while acknowledging the universal capacity of all humans, in a particular situation it just becomes silly?

This is an invitation to discussion, not trolling for angry arguments. Enjoy, debate, relax afterwards.